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Frequently Asked Questions


Q – How much does it cost to play for Kaneland Travel Baseball?

A – Our regular Player Fee will be $700 for the 2020 season.  In addition, each of the teams will conduct fundraising activities to generate additional money for extra expenses on their team.


Q – Who is able to play on the KTB teams?

A – KTB is a “feeder” program for Kaneland High School.  Therefore, it is a requirement that all KTB players reside within the Kaneland Community School District boundaries.


Q – How long is the KTB season?

A – We typically begin practicing in mid-January (1-2 times per week).  Games begin in mid-April and run until the middle of July.


Q – Where does KTB practice?  Where are the fields?

A – Our KTB teams practice one night per week in the old Kaneland Middle School gym (Meredith).  Additionally, most of the teams add additional practices at a variety of third-party venues/facilities.  Our home games for 9U-13U are held at the KTB Fields in Elburn.  These are located near the Blackberry Elementary School in Elburn.  Our 2 fields are underneath the water tower.  Our 14U team generally plays on the Varsity Field at Kaneland High School.


Q – How many games and tournaments do the teams play?

A – KTB participates in the Kane County Bronco League, which features about 16-18 league games, plus a tournament at the end of the season.  Each of our teams also participates in several weekend tournaments throughout the season.  In total, each of our teams will play in between 35-50 games per year.


Q – How much travel is involved?  How far do the teams go to play in games and tournaments?

A – KTB league games are all within a 30-min drive from Elburn.  Tournaments will vary.   Our teams play in several travel tournaments that are within a 45-min drive.  However, we also participate in tournaments that are a good distance away.  This depends on each team.  Our 9U and 10U teams generally stay closer to home for tournament play, but our 11U-14U teams typically play further away.


Q – How many teams does KTB have at each age group?

A – In 2019, KTB had 1 team for each age group (9U – 14U).  However, we are open and interested every year to create 2 teams at each age group.  This is determined based on how many qualified kids we get to register and tryout for a given age.


Q – How are the KTB Coaches selected and assigned?

A – The KTB Board solicits coaching applications annually for each KTB team.  Based on the applications received, the KTB Board picks the Head Coach of each team.  That Head Coach is then given the opportunity to select his Assistant Coaches, with Board approval.  All coaches interested in coaching for KTB (Head Coach or Assistant Coach) need to register online for such positions.


Q – Are the KTB coaches paid or volunteers?

A – All of the KTB Coaches and Board Members are volunteers.  None of our Coaches or Board Members receive compensation nor a reduction in the Player Fee their sons pay to KTB to participate.  Traditionally, a majority of the coaches have a son who plays on the team.  However, this is not a requirement.